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Welcome to TrueNorth Therapy PLLC


Today you are making the decision to help you and/or your child to become healthier and more resilient.  

As a personal counselor and a child-centered play therapist, my goal is to help you and your child understand their true potential & learn skills to help them through life struggles. 

While life struggles are difficult to change, we will work together to resolve those challenges and help you understand how to help your child. 

If you or your child are looking for support and guidance through those challenging situations, I look forward to working with you and your child to achieve those goals. 

Please call or email for an individual therapy, play therapy, or parent training session today & I will be happy to connect with you.

Treatment Specializations Include: 

-Depression & Anxiety


-Parent Consultation

-Grief Counseling

-Stress & Anxiety Management

-Conflict Resolution

-Trauma & Crisis (EMDR Trained and TF-CBT)

-Self-harm & Suicidal Ideations

TrueNorth Therapy, PLLC

Our mission at TrueNorth Therapy PLLC is to facilitate the development of healthy, resilient children and families through ACEs-aware, trauma-informed therapy. Our goal is to help our clients process trauma and teach them how to implement strategies to build healthy thought patterns leading to a foundation for lifelong resilience and well-being. In order to accomplish this mission, we focus on building safe, stable, supportive relationships with our clients, their family, and our community. These connections help us to build the foundations that will make a lasting difference for healthy development by buffering the effects of stress, developmental issues, adversity, and trauma. We believe that this focus on relationship building helps to ensure our clients that they are in a safe place and are not going through this process alone. 

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